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What We Know About Red Dead Redemption 2 So Far

By In RDR2 On May 7, 2018

It’s quite obvious that Rockstar have taken some great time in developing Red Dead Redemption 2. The game world looks beautiful, full of life and absolutely gorgeous with some stunning attention to detail, but what is the game actually about? After looking at screenshots, trailers and recent previews that went live last week, we’ve put together what we know so far about the game, and trust us, you’re going to love it!

So the game started development straight after the first Red Dead Redemption which released on May 18th, 2018 and so has been in development for a whopping 8 years! Whether Rockstar have used the full 8 years to develop the game, or took a break to continue with GTAV is unknown, but it’s definitely had a lot of time spent on it. The game, just like Grand Theft Auto V is being developed by all of the studios and isn’t ‘Studio Specific’ like RDR1 was (Rockstar San Diego), in fact, Red Dead Redemption 2 is the first game to ship as ‘Rockstar Games Productions’, and this is most likely going to stay the same for future titles. 

The game is a prequel to Red Dead Redemption (this means it’s set beforehand). RDR1 was set in 1911, whereas RDR2 is set 12 years prior in 1899. Looking at trailers and previews, the location of the game looks to be the same as the first, but will be a hell of a lot bigger, considering this is ‘Rockstar’s biggest open-world game yet’. It will feature some towns we saw in the previous game, but expect to see new towns and rural areas too. 

Fans may be glad to know that Red Dead Redemption 2 isn’t following the footsteps of GTAV’s multiple character switch system, it is focusing on just one character and one main storyline. In Red Dead Redemption 2 we play as an outlaw called Arthur Morgan, who of which is a senior member of the Van der Linde gang, which is run by Dutch Van der Linde (fans may remember him from the first game). Expect to see a handful of new and also returning characters throughout the game. The storyline (which we’re piecing together so far) is about a robbery in the town of Blackwater which has gone wrong which has forced the Van der Linde gang to flee and go on the run across the Wild West in order to escape the bounty hunters let by the law who are after them. 

We’re aware that the Van der Linde gang have set up a camp somewhere hidden away (it’s unknown if this location changes as we progress through the game and move around different areas of the map). This camp consists of wagons and tents and is a place where the player can sit and relax and reflect on any events that have happened that day but also plan events for the next day too. The camp is very much a working platform, a very active community where things need to work. Things such as clothes need washing, wood needs to be collected for the fire, water needs fetching from the river etc. Everyone in the gang has a role to play and as you walk around the camp you’ll notice how everything is set in place and works in a specific way. 

For those wondering, there are a number of members of the Van der Linde gang and yes, one of them is John Marston who we played as in the first game. He is a main character in the game, but the story doesn’t focus on him, he’s like the Lamar in GTAV. He’s a character who has involvement, but isn’t majorly focused on. That applied for John, although he was the main character in RDR1, Arthur is our Protagonist this time round. Arthur is in fact Dutch’s right hand man and so his role is the upkeep of the gang. This includes gathering supplies for the camp such as food and any necessary resources. If there is enough then the mood of the camp will be positive with people dancing and singing and greeting you as you walk around, however if you let the supplies run low, or even completely out, then the mood of the camp will be negative, with people making snide remarks and mutter about when the next mean will come to them. As a senior member of the gang, people will look to Arthur to provide. It’s kind of like a mini-game but it’s not a requirement. If you want to just crack on with the story then you can, but the option is there if you want to do it, and you’ll be rewarded for doing so. 

The game itself is rather big on choice, allowing the story to go in different directions depending on how you play it. Rather than going ‘here’s your main story missions and here’s your side quests’, Rockstar are trying to blend everything together and in Red Dead Redemption 2 it’s very much being in the right place at the right time sort of thing. It could all depend on where you are, who you are with, the time of day or even down to the weather. Just like in real life, Arthur has choices on how he interacts with people. The player, when meeting an NPC (non-playable character) can choose whether they want to Greet them or Antagonise them and the outcome will differ on those factors. If you antagonise a character when you’re on your own, they may choose to retaliate and fight you, however if you choose to antagonise them whilst out with the gang, they may drop to the floor and plead for their life because they know that they’re outnumbered. This also applies with general gameplay. You could be riding past a farm and the owner shouts at you to move away because you’re too close to his land. You have the choice to abide by his request, or show him you’re not afraid. You could draw your revolver and point it at him, but depending on the person, they may run off or they may even holster their own weapon and start a gun fight. The possibilities are endless and what makes Red Dead Redemption 2 so great is the fact you don’t know what’s going to happen, it’s a very unpredictable game.  

Regarding horses, they were only really used in Red Dead Redemption 1 to get from A to B, however Rockstar have completely rethought the way horses are used in Red Dead Redemption 2. The developers want you to have a relationship with your horse. A special bond. Your horse in RDR2 is like your absolutely everything. This is where things such as large weapons you own, or large animals you hunt and kill will be kept and transported. Keep in mind though if you kill a deer for example, if it’s thrown on the back of your horse and left for days, it’ll start to decay and go rotten, so aim to get it back to camp as soon as possible. You’ll also be able to groom your horse, so the more you look after it, the bigger the bond you have. Unfortunately though, it’s possible for your horse to be killed, which means if it is… you’ve got to start it all over again with a new horse. So look after it!

There are lots of little features which makes a big difference. It’s possible that if you kill something like a rabbit and leave it there, that’ll it’ll still be there the next day, however it could be eaten by a bird… the same for your hat, it could get shot off and you may not have time to pick it up, which means going back and fetching it, or buying a new one. Things don’t just disappear now, they’ll stay there, sort of. Like we say, a bird could eat something you’ve killed and left, which probably means if your hat does get shot off, somebody might be likely to steal it, if not, it’ll be there the next day to pick back up. 

We don’t really know much more than everything above, other than that Rockstar want fans to think of Red Dead Redemption as a companion to the first game rather than a prequel. There will definitely be some characters returning like John and Bill, but remember this is a brand new storyline. There has been a brief mention of Multiplayer, which we’re speculating is going to be called Red Dead Online, however Rockstar gave promised to ‘create a brand new open world multiplayer experience’.

That’s pretty much everything we know so far. It’s now less than 6 months until launch and so the marketing period has fully got into gear now, therefore expect to see a lot of new information, screenshots and details in the coming weeks and months ahead. Details on the game’s special editions will be coming in June, so for that and more on Red Dead Redemption, stay tuned here at Rockstar Universe.

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