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Second Teaser Image Revealed! – New Red Dead Looks To Be True

By In R* Games On October 17, 2016

Rockstar Games have just updated they’re website and social media pages with a brand new image teasing their next game, and it definitely looks like we’re heading to the wild west for a new Red Dead game! The new image (see below) has the red background we saw yesterday, but now includes a sunset and 7 silhouettes of cowboys walking holding rifles. The big question is, who are they and what do they represent? The colour scheme, cowboy theme and sunset shows an almost certain Red Dead Redemption style game. 


A good thing to note though is that there seems to be a pattern of teaser releases. Rockstar revealed yesterday’s image and today’s image at 2pm GMT (9am EST), so we could see a new one tomorrow at 2pm GMT!

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