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Red Dead Redemption 2: Trailer #2 Breakdown

By In RDR2, Uncategorized On September 28, 2017

With the release of Red Dead Redemption 2’s second trailer earlier this afternoon, we’ve been hard at work replaying it to dig out new details about the game. Some of the things we point out may be incorrect as it’s pure speculation and could be misread. We have done our best to point out details from each scene from the trailer but may miss some, so if you find something we haven’t, let us know on Twitter! Below are all 46 scenes with details which we could find. 

First of all before anything, a couple of things to take note on which aren’t specifically in a scene in the trailer:

  • There still isn’t an exact release date, just a release window of Spring 2018. 
  • We have our protagonist’s name, Arthur Morgan.
  • We look to only be having 1 playable character, unlike GTAV.
  • There is still no mention about a PC version, nor 4K support on the PS4 Pro and Xbox One X. 

Scene 1:

  • Draw Distance is incredible and looks to have been improved further than in GTAV on PS4/XB1/PC.
  • Fast Travel via a camp site may be a returning feature from RDR.
  • There are birds.

Scene 2:

  • Elk are another type of animal in the game.
  • Grass moves realistically when you walk through it, just like in GTAV.
  • When mounted on a horse, 2 hands don’t have to be used on the reins?.

Scene 3:

  • This character looks to be scared by our main character, does this mean we lead a roll higher up in the hierarchy?.
  • Potentially a ‘random character’, similar to Strangers and Freaks in GTAV. 

Scene 4:

  • Here is our first front facing view of Arthur Morgan, the protagonist in Red Dead Redemption 2. He seems to intimidating the character (right) which could indicate that Arthur is also our Antagonist.
  • Realistic fire.
  • Lots of miscellaneous items around the camp, could be an area where the character (right) lives or is hiding?
  • Realistic foliage – looks more detailed than in GTAV! 

Scene 5:

  • Incredible draw distance and limited pop-ins.
  • The environment looks huge!
  • Snow areas confirmed, including access to high parts of mountains.
  • This scene speaks for itself really!

Scene 6:

  • Arthur is riding the same horse again, which could indicate that this is our ‘main’ horse, similar to how each 3 protagonists in GTAV had their own cars.
  • On the left is a Gunsmiths where we can buy weapons, next to it on the right is a Law Office (Sheriff Depo).
  • Behind Arthur, the distance is blurred. This could be an improved DFE (Depth of Field Effect).
  • Realistic mud depending on the weather. You can see the edges are dry and hard, however the middle is wet and has horse shoe tracks, but also tracks from carriages.

Scene 7:

Scene 8:

  • Unsure of who this character is and what relation she has to Arthur, she is mourning what is believed to be her husband.
  • The detail of the sunlight coming through the trees is beautiful! Not to mention the low cloud behind that house!

Scene 9:

  • Pure speculation, however this looks to be the son of the woman from Scene 8. It’s unsure of what relation Arthur has to these. Stepdad perhaps?

Scene 10:

  • Did this suddenly turn into a live action movie?! The detail on the characters is astonishing!
  • This is Arthur Morgan, our main playable character in Red Dead Redemption 2.

Scene 11:

  • The Official game logo, changed from Red Dead Redemption 2 to II. Looks like that’s what we’ll be calling it from now on!

Scene 12:

  • Stealth seems to be a key part in the storyline.
  • The characters here could be a part of the Van der Linde gang.
  • Balaclavas look to be an option for missions, whether we can customise Arthur fully like GTAV or just outfits like RDR, is currently unknown. 
  • We can see characters here holding weapons such as a Colt 44. Revolver, a Springfield Rifle and a Double-Barreled Shotgun. 

Scene 13:

  • The storyline focuses on Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they ‘rob, fight and steal, their way across the heart of America’. This scene could be a mission to steal the train or its contents. 

Scene 14:

  • Once again, our protagonist, Arthur Morgan. He looks to be in a hideaway camp site. In the trailer he says “The lawmen in 3 different states are after us”. By ‘us’ he is probably referring to the Van der Linde gang. 
  • To have lawmen from 3 different states after them must mean they are very wanted men. Could this mean we have a permanent bounty on our heads when free roaming?

Scene 15:

  • This looks to be further in the train mission from Scene 12 & 13. 
  • The horse and carriage has blocked the train from passing… wait… trains are stoppable in Red Dead Redemption II?! Tell that to GTAV!
  • Bill, is that you?? The figure on the right looks to be Bill Williamson, a deceased gang member from the first RDR, which takes place after RDRII.

Scene 16:

  • Once again, the three characters keep appearing. Are multiple playable characters slowly becoming a possibility? You decide.
  • There’s a voice that says “You’re a wanted man, Mr. Morgan”. – Question is, who exactly is out to get him, and why is he running away?

Scene 17:

  • The trailer voiceover says “They chased us over the west, they chased us over the mountains”. This could indicate that the story doesn’t take place fully in one area, and infact keeps us to one part of the map. 
  • Snow is clearly confirmed, and it looks pretty too!

Scene 18:

  • Who’s pissed Arthur off? Whether this is from a cutscene we don’t know, however a grapple action would be pretty cool to have on enemies. Imagine grabbing someone and throwing them infront of a train… No? Too gruesome? Next scene!

Scene 19:

  • Another view of Arthur Morgan. His clothes seem to have got dirty, perhaps this is a little feature in the game?

Scene 20:

  • Did somebody say RDRII Heists? – The end of this scene looks to be Arthur holding up a small bank. You can see the safety deposit boxes in the distance. Theft is a key part of the storyline, so we may be able to rob and hold up stores and banks, similar to GTAV.
  • Notice the phone on the desk, well the first one was invented in 1876. RDR was set in the very early 1900’s. It looks like RDRII is either a sequel, or the game switches between time periods.

Scene 21:

  • We’re unsure who this chap is here on the left, but he says to Arthur “gonna need an extra gun”. Whether that’s about him, or Arthur isn’t quite clear, but it could indicate that we can recruit characters which we meet to our gang?
  • Again, this looks to be at some sort of camp. Is that guy behind them sat down ready to play Five Finger Fillet? Mini-games which featured in RDR are yet to be confirmed in RDRII.

Scene 22:

  • This scene doesn’t exactly give us solid details, although it does show some pretty good terrain physics of the dirt and stones being kicked up from the horses.

Scene 23:

  • This scene shows Arthur (on top of the train) chasing the guy in blue. Whether this is the man who’s voiced in the trailer saying “You’re a wanted man Mr. Morgan” is a mystery.

Scene 24:

  • Like we mentioned in an earlier scene, it would be a nice addition if the physics in RDRII allowed us to grapple enemies. This could mean throwing them to the ground, or like in this scene, up a wall. 
  • The area taking place here seems to be a train depot, potentially used to transship coal.

Scene 25:

  • Horses have saliva! It’s fair to say the well-known stamina bar is likely to return for our horses. 

Scene 26:

  • The more we go through and see Arthur, the more customisable clothing we see. Fingerless gloves, a fleece, balaclava… it’s like a cowboy version of Niko Bellic. 
  • A well-known Colt Revolver is holstered in Arthur’s hand.
  • The sheer detail on the fleece is fantastic. Rockstar have done well to get the 3D effect of the fabric.

Scene 27:

  • Notice the Barbers on the left, it could be possible that we can get a hair cut like in GTAV.
  • The scene is of a fight, whether this is a betting mini-game or a random event that occurs is unknown.

Scene 28:

  • Pigs and alligators… wildlife seems to have been expanded massively compared to GTAV, especially when they attack one another.

Scene 29:

  • We can’t quite work out who these 3 characters are, but it’s likely they’re the 3 which we keep seeing. – Again stealth seems to be creeping up a lot (excuse the pun). It looks to play an important role in gameplay.
  • Swimming was never an option in RDR, however by the looks of things we can finally feel water for the first time in the wild west… 

Scene 30:

  • Hunting! It’s a thing! And there’s a bow and arrow. Could this get better?
  • It’s unsure what aspect hunting will be involved in, but hopefully it’s a mini-game and not just a mission. 
  • The foliage and environment look gorgeous, even for an unfinished and unpolished game!

Scene 31:

  • I couldn’t bear the thought of fighting this furry creature… pun too much? Yeah we’ll stop. Next scene!

Scene 32:

  • Bonnie… is that you?!
  • Our setting for this scene could be inside a bar, with the glass bottle giving away the hint.

Scene 33:

  • The facial animations look absolutely brilliant. Rockstar have really hit the nail on the head, or in this situation, hit the knife in the hand!
  • Even the detail of his beard looks superb!

Scene 34:

  • The same woman from Scene 32, this time a little bit calmer. She definitely resembles Bonnie McFarlane though. Could this be a younger her, or a completely new character?…

Scene 35:

  • This looks to be the same scene as 23, however Arthur is now helping the guy up. Was he chasing him or trying to save him?

Scene 36:

  • Either Rockstar haven’t polished the game fully… or the horses are a bit demented. Of course… the game still isn’t complete so we’ll out it down to that for now, although that’s a perfect example of everyone’s face when they found out the game was delayed…
  • The sheer detail of the dust being dragged up from the ground is beautiful 
  • Although in the screenshot you can’t see it, when watching the trailer you’ll notice Arthur has a lot of arm hair, which is realistically noticeable and defined. 
  • The horse is a different breed to the one we have previously seen, which could indicate horse taming is a feature returning from RDR. This would be where you have to ‘break’ the horse to tame it for it to become yours. At least we know the rope is back though.

Scene 37:

  • Another close up view of Arthur Morgan, our Protagonist, who again looks to be quite intimidating which points to him also being the Antagonist in the storyline. Arthur says what sounds like “where is the money”, question is though, who is the guy on the right and why is he hiding it?

Scene 38:

  • Like other scenes in the trailer, stealth is a key role in the game. If you cast your memory back to GTA: San Andreas, you could sneak up behind somebody and perform a stealth attack. This looks to be redefined for RDRII.

Scene 39:

  • RDRII Heists! Well, not quite, but it does look like Arthur has held up a bank. 
  • Take note on the weapon he’s holding, hopefully an option to wield and unwield a weapon is possible. 

Scene 40:

  • First thing is first… duel wielding. It’s possible, it was a feature in Max Payne 3, but not in GTAV… we’ve seen an official screenshot of duel revolvers, so hopefully it’s an option. 
  • Again, the detail of the sweat on Arthur’s face make the game feel even more realistic. 
  • The pistols don’t seem as detailed as the weapons in GTAV, although this could just be because the game isn’t 100% complete.
  • Also notice that Arthur isn’t wearing a ring, so he probably isn’t married or has any children. Unless of course he’s divorced. Was that a thing back then?…

Scene 41:

  • We’re not quite sure why Arthur is beating this bloke up, but he’s doing it in a way which hopefully melee allows us to… with a rifle! 
  • From his head, the guy looks to be the boy back in Scene 9, however the hands look rather old, thin and veiny, so it’s hard to tell.
  • The barn behind them could be the barn from Trailer 1 where Arthur mounts the horse.

Scene 42:

  • One word… DUTCH!

Scene 43:

  • The three characters yet again… on the right is Arthur (we know this because it’s the same belt), on the left looks to be Bill Williamson (from RDR) but who is the strange figure in the middle? Multiple Protagonists seems to be more and more likely. 
  • Nice fire effect though, a very similar scene from GTAV with the O’Neil Brother’s house.

Scene 44:

  • This is 100% Dutch from the first RDR game. Arthur confirms it by saying “Always, Dutch”. – Dutch is the leader of the Van der Linde gang, the central gang in RDRII.

Scene 45:

  • The outing scene shows Arthur holstering his revolver ready to shoot somebody… well, if you watch the trailer he shoots out a RDRII screen, not exactly realistic. 
  • The sky looks pretty though.

Scene 46:

  • The final scene shows us the new official RDRII logo along with our Spring 2018 release date. Although we haven’t got an exact date yet, the fact it isn’t delayed again is always a positive! 
  • Rating is still pending, but expect it to be a PEGI 18 / Mature 17+

That concludes our breakdown on our end. We’ll keep adding to this as and when we hear and find new details which the community point out. To sum it up, we’re playing as Arthur Morgan, an Outlaw in Dutch’s gang, Van der Linde. We possibly could have 3 playable characters, of which can now swim! The story is based on stealth, theft, and robbing and potentially takes place turning different time periods across America. Oh, and there’s horses. Did we mention that?

Stay tuned to Rockstar Universe for all your Red Dead Redemption II news, info, media and more!

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