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Red Dead Redemption 2 Quick & Useful Tips

By In RDR2 On November 6, 2018

With Red Dead Redemption 2 nearly being released for two weeks already, players are digging deep through the story of Arthur Morgan and exploring the vast world which the game delivers. Red Dead Redemption 2 is full of things to do, however there are a few tips we would like to share to help boost your gameplay experience whilst out in the Wild West! Check out the tips below and if you feel you have any others worth sharing, then tweet us here and we’ll give them a share!

  • Lost Your Hat? – If you find yourself hatless at the end of a hard day’s gunslinging, Arthur’s Hat can be recovered simply by standing next to or mounting your horse, holding L1 and tapping R1 to bring up the Horse Wheel.
  • Faster Looting – Hold down the Square/X button to continually loot multiple items from chests and containers.
  • Quick View Map – Hold down Options/Menu button to view your map instantly.
  • Alternate Controls – In the game’s Controls Menu, there are a number of pre-set control schemes and options including the ability to alter your sprint controls.
  • Horse Melee – You can hold and release Circle/B to melee from horseback.
  • Aiming Down Sights – Tap down on the D-pad while aiming in first person to look down your sights. This also works for scoped weapons by aiming in third person. 
  • Lost A Legendary Pelt? – If you misplace a legendary animal pelt out in the wild, it will automatically be delivered to the Trapper.
  • Hands-Free Travel – Simply navigate to a main road, set a waypoint on your map and build up some speed before switching to Cinematic Camera to travel hands-free.
  • Warning Shot – To fire a shot up in the air, simply hold L2/LT then tap up on the D-pad before firing. Useful for warning shots and intimidating witnesses.
  • Clean Your Weapon – As you use a particular weapon over time, it will eventually begin to degrade. This effects the stats of your weapon such as the damage it delivers. Open up the weapon wheel by holding the L1/LB button and highlight the weapon which you want to clean. Once highlighted press the right analog stick in to maintain your weapon. This will allow you to use gun oil to restore your weapon and also give other options such as viewing your weapon and aiming it.

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