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GTA V | Michael’s Final Hour (Mini-Movie)

We posted our first ever YouTube video the other day which was a mini-movie edit of Trevor’s Final Hour. We received some great feedback on it and felt it was only right to do one of Michael’s Final Hour. You[...]

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GTA: San Andreas | Real Life

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a true classic, and probably one of the most favourite GTA games to a large scale of fans, but what would it be like in real life? TrueMOBSTER, a well-known YouTuber who is recognised for creating a[...]

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GTA V | Trevor’s Final Hour (Mini-Movie)

Welcoming the launch of the Rockstar Universe YouTube Channel is this short mini-movie style video showcasing Trevor Phillips’ final hour. A large amount of conflict is going on between Michael, Franklin and Trevor, so M&F feel it’s time for things[...]

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GTAOnline Heists Could Be Close To Release As New Details Emerge

The highly anticipated yet long awaited Heists for GTAOnline may be ready to release very soon. The free update introduces 5 different Co-Op Heists missions between 4 players who plan, put together and execute in a variety of ways and[...]

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Grand Theft Auto V | In Reverse

The world of Grand Theft Auto V is more alive than ever, especially with its latest PS4 and Xbox One release, however 8-Bit Bastard, a GTA Community and YouTube group have showcased the alive world of Los Santos in a[...]

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Grand Theft Auto V Has Shipped 45 Million Copies!

During Take-Two Interactive’s investment call today, they revealed that Grand Theft Auto V has shipped 45 million copies since it launched in September 2013, and 10 million of these are from the PS4/XB1 versions which released in November 2014. That’s[...]

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Coming Soon: The Rockstar Universe IOS App

Since the launch of Rockstar Universe in 2014, the site received a major upgrade in design and content. The upgrade was so big that the website is crammed full of information, media and pages that it can become unresponsive on[...]

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Hoodies, Bags, Toys & More Now Available At The Universe Store

Now available at the Universe Store is a selection of new hoodies, toys, t-shirts, bags and more. See below for all the new gear available and stay tuned for more gear to be added in the future. Let us know[...]

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RIP Edgar Froese, Founder Of Tangerine Dream

Today brought some saddening news as it was revealed that Edgar Froese had passed away on Tuesday January 20th, 2015. Edgar Froese was known for being the founder of Tangerine Dream, a group who collaborated with other artists to create[...]

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What It’s Like When Elders Play GTAV With No Knowledge Of The Game

Has your Nan/Grandad or even Great Nan/Grandad ever played a Grand Theft Auto game? If not then this might just be close to the outcome if they played GTAV. TheFineBros on YouTube do a show called REACT where many different[...]

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