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Never Forget; Those Who Died on September 11th, 2001

As much as this website is based upon Rockstar Games and their games, it’s also a place to commemorate any tragic events or celebrate any events which take place around the world each year (within reason). Because 9/11 is one[...]

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EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: John Diaz – Ex-Rockstar San Diego Developer

I’m a huge fan of Rockstar Games, just like you are too. Every time I play a game created by the company I always wonder and imagine what it was like to be the guy in the seat at a[...]

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It Looks Like GTA V On PS4 Will Be $49.99

It looks like we’re getting closer and closer to an announcement for GTAV’s new release date as small things are creeping out. You may have seen that AQ Testers have been playing GTA V on PC via Steam lately, if[...]

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GTA V New-Gen & PC Release Date Soon – QA Testers Playing GTAV PC

Good news to GTAV fans as quite a bit of information has dropped about the new PC version. It’s not directly from Rockstar, but it’s via the back-door section of Steam. If you go to it takes you to the[...]

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GTA Online DLC Ideas #1

In the first edition of GTA Online DLC ideas, I look at what we already have and how they can be expanded. The 5 ideas can be found below with a poll which you can vote on for your favourite[...]

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Don’t Worry, GTAV Isn’t Delayed. Not Yet Anyway.

As fans eagerly await the arrival of Grand Theft Auto V on the PS4, Xbox One and PC, many rumours suggest that the remastered version has been delayed until 2015. – Good news is, it hasn’t. From the Rockstar Support[...]

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RIP, Yeardley Diamond

Yesterday brought tears to GTA Community Members upon hearing the sudden and sad news of Yeardley Diamond. Unfortunately, yesterday Fernando Agapito Jr’s (aka Yeardley Diamond) brother, Francis confirmed via Facebook that Fernando had passed away due to a cardiac arrest.  Yeardley Diamond[...]

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Welcome Back To A Whole New Universe

For the past 10 days or so, Rockstar Universe has been undergoing some major maintenance. This included security and spam improvements and server stability. It also included something pretty awesome of which I hope you’ve noticed by now. A whole[...]

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Rockstar Universe Going Under Major Maintenance Soon!

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thanks for the support with Rockstar Universe over the past few weeks and during the site’s development, however soon, Rockstar Universe will be going offline for major maintenance. This will effect[...]

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GTA V ‘Rock Face’ Undiscovered Easter Egg Found By TheGTABase!

Ever since GTA V launched, there has been numerous easter eggs in the game which people have been on the hunt for. Rockstar tend to add easter eggs into all of their games for fans to discover. Easter eggs in[...]

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