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GTA V Exclusive Fan-Site Screens Round-up

Some of you may or may not have seen that some of the fan-sites in the Rockstar Games Community were sent an exclusive GTA V New-Gen screenshot each as a way of saying thanks for the support in the community. Check out a[...]

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Rockstar Universe Exclusive GTAV Screenshot

As we get closer to the launch of GTAV on PS4 & Xbox One, many fans around the world are preparing to enter a new, re-imagined world of Old-Gen’s San Andreas. As a token of Rockstar’s appreciation, the same as[...]

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Download Custom GTA V & GTA Online Background Themes for Xbox One

As we get closer to the launch of Grand Theft Auto V on Xbox One & PS4, some fans may want to give their console’s dashboard a new makeover and take advantage of the Xbox One’s new custom background feature.[...]

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Getting Ready to Revisit San Andreas on Next Generation – New Information about GTA Online

As the clock ticks and time goes on, we get closer and closer to the Next-Generation launch of GTA V. The game on PS4 and Xbox One looks marvellous, fresh and full of life, but what exactly has Rockstar got[...]

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Grand Theft Auto V: The Official PlayStation 4 and Xbox One Launch Trailer

With only one week left until Grand Theft Auto V hits stores for PS4 and Xbox One, it’s time to celebrate the upcoming release with an official Launch Trailer!  See you in Los Santos next week![...]

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This is GTA Online on PS4 & Xbox One

Following today’s third and final chapter of IGN’s exclusive interview with Rockstar Games about GTAOnline, Rockstar took to the stage to deliver the IGN screenshots in full 1080p as well as throwing in some new screenshots too, and yes, they[...]

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13 New GTAOnline Screenshots via IGN

In Part 3 of IGN’s GTA V New-Gen interviews, they spoke about how Rockstar has revolutionised GTAOnline in new ways with its 30 player count. Below are 13 new screenshots they featured alongside their article. – Enjoy! Read the full[...]

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GTA V PS3/PS4 Comparison Screenshots

If you’ve seen the latest GTA V comparison trailer between the PS3 and PS4 trailer, you may still be in shock at how alive and beautiful the new version looks like. Below are some screenshot captures from the trailer which[...]

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From PS3 to PS4: This is Grand Theft Auto V on New-Gen

Comparing screenshots and watching trailers gives you an insight on what a remastered game will look like, but when watching a comparison trailer you really see the sheer intensity and detail of a re-imagined game. This is exactly what Rockstar[...]

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RIP Big Wayne

As life goes on unfortunate things happen, and although today has been a great day for Grand Theft Auto fans, it’s also a sad one too, as Big Wayne, a respected member of The Lazlow Show and a character in[...]

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