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New RDR2 Teaser Hints New Info Soon

By In RDR2 On September 24, 2017

The hype train for Red Dead Redemption 2 has been rather quiet since the delay back in May, however Rockstar have kept to their promise about having news in the Summer, although it’s not exactly ‘news’… and they left it to the last day.

They posted an image out on the Newswire and social media accounts (see below) which just has the date and time for this coming Thursday, September 28th @ 11am ET (4pm GMT+0). We’re not too sure what information we’re going to receive, some people think it might be a new trailer or the official release date. That’s our guess anyway, however it could just be a few screenshots or the cover art reveal. 


Stay tuned here on Thursday where we’ll report all the news and information which we get. Don’t forget to keep looking at our dedicated Red Dead Redemption 2 page which has all the updates on information we receive.

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