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MCM Comic Con London 2018 | Exclusive Private Press Interview w/ Michael, Franklin & Trevor Actors

By In MCM ComicCon London On May 29, 2018

As part of the Rockstar Community and owning a fansite, it gave myself and a few of the other community members access to a Press Pass at MCM Comic Con London. This allowed us free entry across the weekend as well as access to an exclusive private press interview with the GTAV actors who play Michael, Franklin & Trevor. Big thanks to Alec from 8-Bit Bastard for capturing the interview. He was also with us at the time and so you can watch it below!

Ned Luke (who plays Michael) said he felt blessed to be at MCM Comic Con London. He mentioned how everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves there and that there’s some really good imagination which has gone into some of the outfits and costumes people were wearing. One question which was asked was whether they had seen any of their fans come to events and Cosplay as them, to which the question was replied with yes, in fact some people have dressed up as Trevor, particularly having Trevor’s CUT HERE tattoo, although surprisingly a lot of women apparently enjoy dressing up as him, just like Trevor enjoys dressing up as a woman.

Another question which was asked was whether any of the three played GTAV. Steven (who plays Trevor) hasn’t really played the game, however Shawn (who plays Franklin) has, and so has Ned, in fact, Ned has played it a lot. He’s never really played many GTA games previously other than the original, but he did say that he’d completed GTAV about 4 times now and can even remember majority of the dialogue!

The trio weren’t aware at the start of development that it was GTAV they were working on. When they were starting and first came onto set, they had been given codenames for the project they were working on. It was only until they arrived and saw the previous GTA cover arts on the wall that they discovered and realised that they were working on the next installment of the game. Ned however said although he knew it was going to be a massive hit, that he couldn’t take the job personally and that he had to treat it as if it was just an ordinary job like being in a commercial. When Shawn found out, he knew it was going to be huge, especially when his cousin, Young Maylay is CJ from GTA: San Andreas! Plus, Shawn has already been involved in GTA:SA, so he’s had a taste of the GTA world.

You can watch the full interview below. It’s shorter than the public conference and we were among only around 10 other people in the room, so it was pretty cool to be involved and invited into such an exclusive interview.

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