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MCM Comic Con London 2018 | Attending The Event & Pictures

By In MCM ComicCon London On May 30, 2018

This weekend I travelled down to London to attend MCM Comic Con with a bunch of Rockstar Community members such as Kyle (RockstarINTEL), Jake (Viboxing), Josh (Vinewood Motors), Nick (Gtamen), Sonny & Alec (8bitBastard) and more! Our main aim of attending this year was to see eachother again and also to meet Ned Luke, Steven Ogg and Shawn Fonteno who if you don’t already know, are the three main actors who play Michael, Trevor and Franklin in GTAV. 

If you don’t know what MCM Comic Con is, it’s basically a huge media convention (similar to EGX but with a wider variety of media) where fans of movies, tv-shows, games, comics and more come to look at exhibitions and conferences with friends and family. Some people even go that extra mile to cosplay and come as their favourite characters too!

We attended the event across the three days; Friday May 25th, 2018 – Sunday May 27th, 2018. I took the train from my home town down to London… and as usual, got lost on the DLR, but finally managed to find the hotel and ExCel Center where the event was held and where Kyle and Jake were waiting for me. We went back to our hotel (which I must point out was like an apartment!), unpacked and then went for a drink. 

Saturday consisted of walking around the local area taking pictures and having a browse at what was to offer at the event, checking out different exhibitions which were there and heading over to meet the GTAV actors. We had a little chat to Ned and Shawn (Steven was super busy throughout the weekend due to also being a star of The Walking Dead) and then headed over to the photo booth where we all had a group photo with the trio! (See below). In the afternoon we went over to the live conference at 3:00pm where the actors spoke about their opinions on the game, what it was like to be a part of the development, GTA6, Mount Chiliad’s mystery and more! If you was unable to attend, you can watch it here. Saturday was actually also my Birthday, and so after the conference when the Saturday event had finished, we headed to the local pub next to the hotel for some food and a few drinks, where Gtamen ended up waiting over 90 minutes for just a beef burger! 

Sunday was the final day to head around the expo having a browse at what was to offer. We took a visit back to Ned, Shawn and Steven where we all had another group photo (of which Ned tweeted out) and also had some individual photos with them too. I asked Ned if he would call my best friend Tiegan who is a fan of the game, and he did! He joked around on the phone asking if she knew who the voice was, told her to get out of bed and stop being lazy and to also “STOP FIRING ROCKETS AT MY HOUSE”. It was truly amazing that he did that, and I have a lot of respect for all three of them! Shawn and Ned also signed my GTAV Logo T-shirt, and it’s going into a frame and up on my wall! (You can see the pictures of our meet and greet here, and my t-shirt signing below). We also got invited to see an exclusive Press Conference up in a high-security room where they trio talked more into what they thought about being a part of the game. The conference was only about 15 minutes but it felt good to be a part of what was only around 10 journalists in the room! You can watch that here too. 

At the end of the day, we all said our goodbyes and headed home. It’s probably the most saddest part of the weekend, but we all had an absolute blast. To be able to say I’ve spoken to the GTAV actors, shook their hands, had pictures with them and had a laugh with them has been a once in a lifetime experience and the best Birthday present I could’ve asked for. I want to thank all of the Rockstar community for their fantastic company over the weekend and I can’t wait to meet up again for the next event.

For those unable to attend, check out below a gallery with over 70 pictures which we took from the event, and also be sure to have a look at the other galleries across the other MCM Comic Con London articles which we have posted!


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