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Grand Theft Auto is one of the biggest selling franchises to date. With the first game, GTA 1, releasing back in 1997 under DMA Design (now Rockstar North) the franchise focuses purely on the open-world, roll-playing style game allowing players to not just play through a storyline but also create their own game within the game itself.

Most of the games in the Grand Theft Auto Series are set in the fictional locations of Liberty City, Vice City and San Andreas, which are GTA’s versions of New York, Miami and Southern California. The series itself started out as a 2D game using a top-down view. When GTA 3 launched, Rockstar went for a 3D approach creating a full-scaled and re-imagined world.

Over the years due to its drug use, high violence and other disturbing contents, Rockstar have had numerous lawsuits filed against them because of GTA. The funny thing is, none of them have succeeded.

Grand Theft Auto and GTA Online will continue to expand for the years to come. This is only the start of a fantastic series.

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