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Grand Theft Auto V | In Reverse

By In GTAV On February 18, 2015


The world of Grand Theft Auto V is more alive than ever, especially with its latest PS4 and Xbox One release, however 8-Bit Bastard, a GTA Community and YouTube group have showcased the alive world of Los Santos in a new way, this time, in reverse. This chilling and emotional video which is less than 1:30 minutes is enough for you to see what GTA is like backwards.

Check their video out below and let us and 8-Bit Bastard know what you think of a reverse concept.

Rockstar Universe’s Opinion: This short video delivers a whole new concept to GTA bringing a chilling scenario and the emotions out of people who play the game. When watching, all I could actually think about was Max Payne and where his journey will take him in Max Payne 4, whenever that may release.

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