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EGX 2017 Round-Up and Pictures

By In General On September 26, 2017

Another year, another event. EGX 2017 has now finished, but what a weekend it has been! This isn’t your typical Rockstar Games related article, but we know that our readers do play other games and perhaps couldn’t make it to the event themselves. I personally only live about 25 minutes from the NEC where Eurogamer is held, so I was able to attend and I actually worked there for 2 days helping people around exhibits, talking about upcoming releases and talking about my personal gaming experiences over the years. Here’s a roundup of some of the things I did at EGX, as well as some of the awesome people I saw again and for the first time within the Rockstar community. 

So I attended EGX for all 4 days of which the event was held (Thursday – Sunday). I actually worked there Thursday and Saturday as part of the staff team. Thursday I was working with Kyle (itsKapoow) or better known as GTAOnlineNews, where we were in charge of queues and security for the Theatre area. Saturday involved me sorting out the remaining wristbands, greeting the thousands of attendees and walking the show floor talking to people about games. 

Friday and Sunday however were even better, as I met some fantastic people from inside and outside the Rockstar Community. I saw Kyle again and finally managed to meet Jake (Viboxing / GTAGFX) in person, as well as Josh (Vinewood Motors). We met up with a few others of our friends and all went for a walk around the exhibits. 

A record breaking 80,000 people attended EGX this year, so you can imagine the queues were rather long and therefore waiting to play a game was rather tedious, however because we all had some contacts, we managed to sneak in to play a few games without having to queue up. Some of the games I managed to play were Far Cry 5, Assassins Creed Origins and Call of Duty WWII. Now this is a Rockstar page so I won’t share my opinions on them here, but feel free to message me personally on Twitter if you want to know what they were like!

I had an amazing time at EGX, especially with meeting new friends and seeing old ones. We all share the same interests and have the same sense of humour, so you can imagine when we’re at the Casino until 4am, it was a rather good laugh! Check out the gallery below of pictures from the event which I took, and if you want to know anymore about EGX 2017 just ask!




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